12 inches of fun


The series 1 has very high mass and is overall more beefy (knife edge is double the size, counter weights larger and heavier, double thickness base plate, very heavy arm wand, multi fixing headshell coupling, and more) than the later 3012’s. I prefer the sound of the series 1. It’s aesthetics appeal to the collector in me also.


I’ve missed out on a few SP10’s that I’ve looked at, or something like the Sony TTS-8000. I quite like the look of an SP10 in this stand -


WOW that looks great.
I think I’d go for groove master over sme if I had the choice.


If you do decide to go with SME I would favour the much more recent M2-12R arm.


Graham Phantom Supreme 12" on my deck. Fantastic sounding arm, but not sure if you want to go that spendy.


I am pretty settled on this cart for my Sony direct Drive. So you can have your loan back!

Just need to look for the best deal and that should complete my system!


You absolutely cannot go wrong with the Hana SL.


That’s what I’m hearing.
If it will do for you…

Besides I don’t want to abuse your loan cart!


Can’t the mounting base position be altered to allow the Io to be mounted via the 2 middle holes?


It does look a bit shit tbh.


You should sell me yours!
It’s lying idle. Could do with a decent deal after having to fork out for the pre amp I hadn’t factored in!


Get your own!


Err, not sure tbh. Using just the alignment jig, the cart cannot be mounted on the centre holes, but moving the base of the arm will no doubt make a difference. Maybe next time you’re here?


Because that is obviously the first thing people notice when looking at Jim’s deck…


The arm pictured with the SP10 is a 3012R which is quite tidy - As Paul says the new M12 addresses much of the 3012’s shortfalls.


Not 12" but this would make for a lovely all Japanese combo with an SP10.


David Prakel is a former Haymarket reviewer & I suspect will have looked after these items.



Nice :+1:


Bugger that is tempting - 20g effective mass makes it no cream puff either.


Lovely. And I reckon that’s a very fair price for that lot in such good nick.


I know zero about turntables, but on pure aesthetics that looks fantastic.