12 inches of fun


Fighting to stay in the groove ? Excuse my ignorance, but totally mystified, me. Can people really hear these sorts of differences, or is it just expectation bias ?




don’t know about the expectation bit…but bias, definitely :thinking:


Yes hear the difference or yes expectation bias ? and no, I don’t have a clue why I’m even entering into this sort of conversation with somebody who doesn’t even listen to their stereo.




Don’t meh me, you young upstart!


People have been banned for…more :unamused:


Young ? Nice of you to say so :slight_smile:


Who ?


Mr Cat crops to mind for being an utter shiftweasel. Banning was too good for the likes of him.



He was boasting on PFM the other day that he still posts here under another persona…


eh? is that an oz expression? It’s shit anyway…

and wtf is a shiftweasel? you feckin make it up as you go along…:smirk:


As a dog?


No probably as a cunt


He’ll be hard to spot then


I was going to put up some links to downloadable files that show the difference between a 9" & 12" arm with the same cartridge but Mediafire has flagged the recordings as copyrighted & therefore unshareable.

I’ll look at doing it a different way.


Be interested to hear the difference (or not :slight_smile: ) between those.


No wonder I couldn’t hear them.

I thought I’d gone deaf


Thanks Guy for the info. Some really useful user experience there. Thinking is a Mk2 in panzerholz or slate with 12" Groovemaster2 and Shilabe. Will probably never happen but who knows!


Here are the links (now as Flac files). 5 excerpts recorded on arms A & B. Same deck, same cartridge.