12 inches of fun


I like arm b, listening on my phone


Let’s see if a few others offer a view & then I’ll say which is which.


How/why would 12 people click on 1A but then not follow through & get 1B? C’mon, let’s have a few more downloads & preferences.


And then the rest ??


I clicked and iPhone no likey.
So I didn’t get past one!


Ok, I think I might be deaf. Lou clicked on them for me (blind) and I preferred:


Only one play of each and after a few sherbets, so not entirely scientific :smile:


I had a bit of that but overall b


This. Will try on laptop tomorra.


So far, 1A and 2B sound cleaner and more defined.


A is always the same arm. B is always the other arm.


That’s my hearing fucked then :roll_eyes:


I’ll give it another go tomorrow - sober this time :wink:


That statement alone will now skew the results, as indicated by the previous comments.


I can’t even blame the drink


For some reason I couldn’t open the file once downloaded and just gave up.


Can you expand on the suspended deck part as this was a pairing I was considering?


We aren’t trying to establish whether there’s a difference, more if there’s a preference.
I’m not saying which is which arm.


There is quite a bit of mass to the arm in total which would probably make balancing the suspension tricky to start with, and the distribution of that mass will change as the arm goes across the record. I can’t see how you can keep the arm level at all times (necessary to avoid skipping or an effective skate force on the stylus) unless the suspended part of the deck is of very high mass.


Another who can’t get it to work on iPad. Will try again later on laptop.


Ah, OK.