12 inches of fun


Just get one with a silent pump, then all is golden :slight_smile:


Thanks, I’ll look into it. The platter and the armboard are high mass and it’s all suspended, so it might be ok.


So now I’ve got the SP10 home and have enjoyed endless fun with switching it on and off and watching the platter whizz up to speed and stop in an instant, I need to get the rest sorted.

Obsidian style plinth ordered, like this one but with special custom armboard.

Just need to make up my fricking mind and get the arm. I’ve got about a month to get something sorted.


Why, has it got a sell by date??


Is that when you buy another deck and begin again?


End of credit card month, buy everything before the statement lands…


The matching psu enclosure is a bit Fugly imho. Not sure I’d bother with that.


At some point the guy cutting the arm tube hole and measuring out the threaded inserts will need to know which arm I’ve gone for.


No, don’t really see the point as I’ll have the psu out of sight anyway.


I’m preferring A but I think B has more detail and tighter/better bass.


Have you whittled the arm list down? Whats on the wants list?


Seasoned 'ttoirists in this thread re-discover HiFi. :astonished:


Not really, I need to pull my finger out. I love the look of an SME 3012 on that plinth, just a case of which one to go for based on what’s available. I’d like a 3012R but an M2-12R would be hassle free.

Hopefully time pressure will help me to decide :grimacing:


It’s DD. Hassle free is what it’s about?
Fangled fanciness is for the belt drive?


Either would be preferable to the vintage 3012


By hassle free, I mean as against trying to find a used example of a legacy series in tip top condition.


SME 3012 R in rather spiffy condition has been purchased :slightly_smiling_face:


You had one job…


Quiet, mono-horn!


Isn’t it a mono speaker with two horns? Or maybe yeah, one horn with two throats and two speakers. Fuck it I give up.