12 inches of fun





Yeah, I would love one or some of the 15a (I think) ones on eBay currently.


Pics of arm -




More arms.


Rusty nail 103 is next


Very good. Now chuck the headshell in the bin and get a proper one :smile:


That looks like a very very clean & tidy example


You could upgrade to the titanium wand Jim. :heart_eyes:


It’s basically new, utterly spotless :slightly_smiling_face:


Don’t you start on the Merlin stuff too…:roll_eyes:


I would have thought Dumbledore was more you.


Tonearm looks great. Looking forward to seeing the SP10 in its full glory.
Hoping to hear one at some point. It’s a TT I’ve not experienced yet.

(Now do I need to abuse Wayne or swear to keep the thread going?)


I’ve now got 3 out of 4 bits I need - just waiting for the plinth to be made. Lead time is another 6 weeks so it will hopefully be a new toy in time for Christmas.

If I’m still working in Chesterfield by then I’ll bring it up with me so you can have a listen.


As Paul says the headshell is a weak link. Orsonic perhaps? Full potato Arche?


:+1: That would be cool. :notes:


Plenty of opportunity to dick about trying other headshells once the TT has been assembled and I’ve got some kind of reference point for the sound. Will look at both of those though? Any other suggestions which I should consider?


Graphite Schick


On a budget the ADC LMG-1?


I’d also try the lightweight ADC LMG-1 as an alternative.

(too slow!)