1st SOUTH WEST Weekender



Someone give Steve another jumper!


Never fear lads I’ll be there tomorrow to give you all a touch of Knob Creek to warm you up :thumbsup:



Glad to see that @Jim is utterly on message with the latest fashion thingy from last summer…

Seriously, a Meat Man only a year behind in the fashion. T’is impressive.


Good to see a skillet in the tree above Steve’s head. presumably he is hust waiting for the temp to get right on the fire before a few steaks get in the pan!


The car jack bake off was won my John. Full functionality and chrome to boot.
Bob is chopping everything tree based with a tomahawk.


Everyone else brings a Bluetooth speaker.

AA bring

Have an excellent day chaps - hope the hangover isn’t too bad.


The AA boys sit around the fire singing " Ging gang goolie"…


Totally off the scale nuts ! Love it :smiley: :smiley:


Any of the SW weekenders forgotten anything important? I’ll be leaving shortly after I’ve dropped my camper in for its MOT (:scream:).

Happy to pick up any essentials (that are available from a Tesco I should add!).


Fabreeze. :slight_smile:


Packed the car and away we go :slightly_smiling_face:


Sun block





Have a great one guys .



Smoke gets in your eyes.


Straw bale seats near a fire…



Yeah, living on the edge :+1: