1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


Knights in purple satin


This is all very wrong.


I’m so glad there’s no live stream, or Slaughterhouse TV…


That’s the last time any of you cunts take the piss out of me for my heroes wearing capes. I now have photos :smiling_imp:



Nanna nap for Mark :grin:


Food was getting a bit thin so just popped out to the cafe for some flap jack, nice.


Rick Cuntybollocks Capeman is on Desert Island Discs on R4 tomorrow morning. I think you will find his justification for the cape apposite Terry.



Two acoustic guitars for late night Kum ba yah incidents around the campfire? If they were banjos then I might suggest they were simply fuel for the campfire…



Ahhh ! That looks nice and homely.


This is happening


Pork o clock


Adam West died today.

Jim could fill the vacancy!



Some first class fun being had by the looks of it. I’m saving the photographs for blackmail purposes should somebody think it sensible to delete them when the sweats, trembling and shivering of sobriety arrives tomorrow.



Finally stopped raining, running out of things to burn on the fire. Pork for tea, again


Surprised you haven’t found a pub showing England v Argentina Bob!


By the look of it Bob, I feel that the lack of something to be burnt is being addressed, if I were you I’d beware the Cape wearers, otherwise the pork for dinner will be of the long variety… :smiling_imp:


No, that’s not two guitars, it’s a twin neck to go with the capes and play acoustic prog around the campfire tonight.