1st SOUTH WEST Weekender



Some of the meatmen thought that the large twig was excessive, that meant it had to be done.


Home now after a fantastic weekend even with the shite weather. Many thanks to Guy, Stu, Matt, John and the rest of the South Western chapter for all their efforts l can’t think of a more betterer way to spend a wet weekend in June, it was bostin’.


A massive thanks to the Storonzetto team for organising a bloody craking weekend. I missed you all this morning but did make it home for my appointment this afternoon, thank fuck. Capes, chicken, pork, logs and fingers of Nob, let alone the best pizzas since Italy, what a weekend.

Hi-fi and music were bloody fine too :grinning:


@Jim in t-shirt not matching tablecloth shocker!


Good job you put the comma in there. :slight_smile:


Just a big thank you to all who attended this bake-off. I was made to feel very welcome, when I turned up to pick up my amp, that Graeme had very kindly repaired for me. Great coffee and what a pork pie!!.


I’m home again, and very well lopped ! Many thanks to the SW brigade for a fantastic weekend.

In an effort to avoid sharing my snoring with the rest I kipped in the back of the car - dark, decently comfy and quiet. Or it would have been if (I’m not making this up) John (stepmotheratomic) hadn’t woken me up at 06:45 yesterday, rummaging about in the back of his van for a Stanley knife to score the pork fat. Then BobC added insult to injury at 05:45 (!!) this morning, packing his car and departing for Cumbria. It seems I did have a close escape though. Unbeknownst to me as I was climbing into the sleeping bag last night Tuffbob was prowling the car park and mistook the lights in my car for a dogging venue ! Jeez, the things that go on in Devon …




The pork pie made me cry.


What a weekend - pissed it down but it was fucking great anyway :thumbsup:

Big thanks to the South West meat men for conceiving and laying this on. This is how you do it!

Special mention to all the guys who cooked and prepped and kept us all fed - top work. And those pizzas… divine.

The cognac went down and a lot of my knob got gargled too -

I refuse to apologise for the music last night too - glad to be of service for abuse, fuckers.

Gauntlet well and truly thrown down for the Midlands and the North chapters :slightly_smiling_face:


Just got back, thanks to everybody, great attitiude, great time had by all, great place, set the standard. I even kept the music quiet (ish) in the garden.

Big thanks to those who brought food, organised, worked hard and helped out. I think I chatted to everybody, if not fuck ya.

Old donkeybollocks music was mostly crap, he’s obviously stuck in a rut (and he can’t get out of it, out of it…).

@BobC you forgot your ladies shawl, I have it.


White fucking vinyl, late at night, too much sauce - not the best combination for trying to find the last track on the side :rofl:


Tremendous, life-affirming weekend. Just out with the dog trying to lose 12,000 calories.


Gill & some other friends wanted a look & walk. Now sitting outside at the front with them & @pmac having tea & very nice cakes from the cafe in blazing sunshine. Lovely.


You did find this though. Thanks.



Black vinyl easy innit.


For Steve.



I’m home and back from a quick walk with the family. Huge thanks to Stu, Guy and Matt for organising this, it was a great escape!