1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


Looks amazing, totally fed up I missed this!


Almost a cert there will be another, mate. It was ace of bass.


A brilliant weekend! Many thanks to the sou’westers for such a great event, and to all the chefs. I’ve not gone home yet, but have a nice campsite overlooking Salcombe. Now for a couple of days walking to reduce the calorie and pork load before heading back north. It’s going to be very hard to match this standard of bake-off.


I must organise an Oxfordshire one in the barn.on.the.farm.next.door. :thumbsup:


It’s even worse than that, I’m (supposed to be) a health and safety professional… :open_mouth:


I would expect proper risk assessments were done :thinking:







Pah, you didn’t even bring a clipboard…


That Sir is the robe of Stronzetto, redolent with his heady aroma (and several unidentifiable stains incapable of removal even with industrial strength Cillit Bang).
Once donned the wearer is wafted away to a large hadron collider-scope of sensations.
A funzie frenzy of fun, friendship, musical mayhem…and pork products.
Yes, the Mind Garden.
But wait, what’s this. What at first appears to be lush verdant grass is in fact insufficiently anchored astroturf.
And worse still, the winds of whimsy are blowing this turf tatami into shapes even Euclidean geometry cannot comprehend, but can best be described as comparable to a Trump combover.
The lightly lubed lathe of reality turns and we crash out of the matrix.
Till the next time, au revoir, mes amis.


I left that in the safe at work. :+1:



Look at that weather!


It was almost too hot by 5pm !


Just back, what a great weekend! I laughed a lot, didn’t wash enough, ate and drank too much and generally misbehaved with a great bunch of mates. Brilliant! Thanks much to thum thar Wurzels for organising. :grinning:


Mr. MWS still has a thing about Aunt Sally. The X rated mind garden episode is filmed only from the waist up. He likes the notion of every scene featuring his sex face whilst he attempts to erupt all over Aunt Sally’s peti coat.


With any luck. :grinning:


Reet gradely, tha’ knows.


I’ll bring one next year… :wink:


I feel like I have been there… just without the stench.

Defo got to sort a similar gig a little more north next time.