1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


Without the sandals too.



You should have seen the reckless, wanton abandon that muffins were being consumed with. I felt like a visitor to one of Warren Buffet’s private lodges.


Opulence beyond the dreams of Avarice clearly.


Luckily there was an underground bunker for safe keeping of muffins at night.


Back, jack and crack.



Knew there was a house there,thought i was going mad last night.


Was that you lot heading over to steal their log supply yesterday :grin:


Looking at the tide I must have just missed you . Was down at the dam late afternoon but assumed you would have all been packed up and gone .
Looks like a cracking weekend was had .

We used to camp on the other side of the dam when we were kids .
Did anyone brave the ford or the green lane up to bere ?


Don’t know why this came to mind


I jogged it when the others left today.:+1:


They’d only have slowed you down


This looked like fun
Hope there is another one organised, I’d love to come along next time.
I might even bring Rob :smile:



Chap from Ferrari belled me earlier asking if we fancy any pit work next season.



@IanW will be very happy indeed to provide references for you to go to Ferrari, or indeed any team apart from Sauber.:grinning:


Looks a bit like John Hurt and the Alien egg.


Think once the bloke saw the lumps of wood with nails in,he knew we were pro mechanics.