1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


Isn’t that how the blow out occurred in the first place?


Ritchie pinching pork when no one is looking, not good on so many levels!!!
Guy frothing the lattes with propane, aĺl very disturbing!


Did anyone find an electric tooth brush in the bathroom?


That was a toothbrush you say, oh, how embarrassing.


I’m sure it’ll clean up :open_mouth:


…has interchangeable heads :+1:


Who? Bob C…


Saturday night I experienced what must have been some kind of meat and muffin induced delirium. I have no real recollection but found these photographs on my phone.


THAT’s more like it :thumbsup:


I’m guessing this is after we went to explore the high security hidden military bunker undoubtedly packed with valves?


It had been noticed by the time I left and there was some speculation that it was yours. But what the locals got up to with it after that I’ve no idea. Stronzetto’s name was mentioned … and Patch had shown up by then … and the chicken.



The musical…er… “highlight” of the weekend was listening to Guy’s vinyl copy of the film soundtrack from “Live and let die” - it was probably the only album which was turned over for side 2! :+1:


Rich I did see it and wondered not sure if it got picked up but I’m calling them today and I’ve also left my pillow there, maybe Stu can pick it up for us. I’ll bell him later as I know he’s out today


Great John, thanks very much :+1:


That’s not true, lord echo got both sides late on knob night


My turn to say thanks fellas it was an absolute scream most of the time, with a few lord of the flies moments, thankfully in this case everybody except Wayne enjoyed a bit of piggy.

If criminal gangs would of known about the amount of muffin on show it might of turned out a little differently.

Till next time fellas


Thanks to everyone who made such an effort to come along bringing food, music, and fun.
You made it a memorable one!


We did get the toothbrush & a red/orange towel that was left in the shower area.
I need to sort out the contents of a basket of stuff (mostly food!) that came back but should be able to get it in the post today or tomorrow.

It was great to see everyone & I’d like to thank Jim/Ritchie for the fantastic pork shoulder & other porky bits. Bob for bringing the outdoor PA (and using it so responsibly :slight_smile: Paul for making such an epic, week long trip just to be there. Mark for bringing the AG’s which worked really well in that room. Matt for bringing the second pizza oven, the Air Tight power amp & the usual record box packed full of desirable obscurities. (Oh, & the scones :grin:) Dave (OCTH) for the delicious cream/oats/fruit based pudding we had on Saturday (and we had more of last night) Graeme for the pies & muffins, Adam for the Gin, Wayne for the XO & Knob, John for the inspirational pizza making efforts and Steve for the spectacular pork pie which was the nicest I’ve ever had.

Despite the weather, the venue worked really well with the outdoor sheltered fire allowing us to spread between listening & drinking & just drinking even during the damper moments. Had it been a bit brighter we might even have been able to go full Eskimo, fashioning a rudimentary harpoon and getting the rather large seal out of the river and over the fire pit.

Heard some nice new (to me) music over the weekend as well including the Lord Echo (Harmonies?) LP and the one John played (the King of ???) both of which I’d like to order. I was also somewhat surprised to hear Red Right hand on Vinyl for the first time. All of the digital format versions I’ve listened to seem to have a good half of what was recorded left out

There is a need to occasionally do this kind of thing: making fires, chopping stuff up, cooking up some tasty food and to do it in good company in a nice place. I’d definitely be up for helping to organise another one or for travelling across country to do it in another suitable spot. You sometimes have to make life happen and this weekend we did.:+1: