1st SOUTH WEST Weekender




Yes that’s correct

Might be possible to hire a minibus to transfer people to the North. I’ll investigate.

Early days yet


My sister used this as part of her wedding a few weeks ago, suspect it might tick all the boxes although not sure on pricing:



A few places, to see if they are suitable, and in an accommodating location.
Started a new thread for this.


Back on terra firma following a great smooth crossing. Lou will be picking me up in an hour or so followed by a bit of shopping for supplies then home later this afternoon.

I’ll put some photos up tonight although not sure if there will be anything that hasn’t been seen before.


So, did the hifi sound shit then?


On the contrary it worked very well Indeed in that room


I was just yanking folks chains. No one had really mentioned it, I thought perhaps you had burnt it for fire wood :slight_smile:


AA in not actually talking about hifi shock.


The HiFi was excellent, I really enjoyed it, the Hana SL was a revelation. I had not heard Mark’s speaks in a room that suited them either and they were really entertaining.


I doubt the Hana often gets partnered with an ANS7 :grinning:


My Dad uses a Hana SL, it’s a great bit of kit :+1:


Well yes, the rest of the bits were none too shabby!




Welcome to Mr. MWS’s


Nice sounding system, my small contribution was the Teac P700/D700 CD spinner.


Happy birthday Bob!



The pert pizzarear