1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


This one was taken in the Lounge as Devon was covered in smoke from the “Light up”

To make it more amusing,@pmac kept walking pass the window with a shovel,did the same amount of people leave as arrived?


Thanks, just about recovered my sleep!


Happy birthday :+1:


I’ve wished you happy birthday on facebook so i’m damned if i’m doing it again on here!


My missus is in love with your speakers, she’s come over all horny, the mood dissapated when I gave her a ball park figure. Still progress

The system sounded tremendous to my ears as I guess it should, I’m looking forward to hearing foo nob when it’s made


The slightly older ones can be picked up very reasonably c.£2.5k


Pimp your Avantgarde speakers


Wonder why discontinued :thinking:


Quoted from the blurb -

Avantgarde Duo owners, this is your day.

When you’ve been in the hobby long enough, you know that you can’t get enough mass and rigidity in your framing.

Obviously aimed at the experienced audiophile market :thinking::nerd_face::roll_eyes:



Thought the hi fi sounded excellent,it certainly enjoyed having the volume turned up.

Was my first decent listen to the AGs,liked them very much.


Good to have seen you again.
Say hello to Angus for me.


Just seen the following on that website:-
Fetlar also has a very diverse geology including the Funzie conglomerate.


Was the new Kraftwerk album played on Saturday?


Agree with the first part of your sentence but not the second - it was lovely at low to medium volume but overwhelmed the room when turned up too far…

Please don’t kill me everyone for saying this…:grimacing:


I’m sure having the cape round your head didn’t help


You’re right Jim. The sound hardened up past a certain sweet spot.


I don’t know what the quoted sensitivity of the AGs is or at what frequency the active subs take over but I guess we could’ve been pushing the 8 Watts a bit far occasionally.


Home at last!

Some pics

Bob found some timber so demonstrated how he prepares a plinth

Guy carefully placing ingredients before mashing them up in the pizza oven


Mmmmmm pork

and a side order of kebabs

It isn’t just in the listening room that Jim finds and keeps prime position

Meanwhile, Stu gives a talk on the benefits of astroturf

And two hours later he still hasn’t finished

Getting dark now and Graeme threatens Stu with karate if he doesn’t wind up the lecture


Most people are surprised when they meet me,that i’m only 2 ft 9"