1st SOUTH WEST Weekender


Ritchie proving that legs are in this year

The seal kept its distance though


So, Jim. The tweeter horn rotates clockwise whereas this one…


A fine sounding system indeed


It did sound good, I thought that the match between amp and speakers seemed great.

While it did sound rather hard and forward when the wick was turned up, I suspect that was the room as much as anything. Hard to know for sure though.

But it was a thoroughly enjoyable system


It was definitely the room.


Having never heard the system or the room before, I’m sure you’re right :wink:


Looks like an amazing do, real shame I had to miss it…


We have kept the cape, Coco capture is certain


Having heard Mark’s speakers before in his room, I know I’m right :nerd_face:


It was and you were missed. Next time. :thumbsup:


It’s OK though, picking on Wayne was almost as much fun


What goes around…


Yup they sound lovely in Marks room :thumbsup:


Meh, you have a unique ability to put gun to foot and pull the trigger.


Its not unique :grin:


But you do it so well and repeatedly.


Practice, my dear boy, practice.