2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


I wonder if the team gear will be as buttock clenchingly embarrassing as the original Benetton kit.


Oh, I DO hope so :smiley:


They would have to go a long way to beat the Benetton she’ll suit :sunglasses:


Yikes. One stray match (or a removed fuel filter?) and that jacket will go up in flames like a Jos Verstappen pit stop




Ouch indeed. I can’t see their partner being too happy. Or maybe, just maybe, it will spur them on to prove McLaren wrong :thinking:


Elsewhere, I saw this and thought it would be interesting for anyone who enjoys this thread, and one person inparticular (…who I assume knows of it already)




So, weaving and a sudden change of direction under braking is now OK…


Worth a read…


not a subscriber so can’t read it, but I am intrigued of the mention of Ross.
When Ross and 3 others bought Honda F1 and made it Brawn GP Bernie tried very hard to get in on the act and made it very difficult for them. They did prevail in the end though, and I think even got the FOM prize money which Bernie initially refused.
I wonder if Ross beating him in this has left him harbouring a grudge. I have heard Bernie damning Ross with faint praise before.


Yes, it seems that it is based on the mutual antipathy between Ross and Bernie. e.g…

Those familiar with Total Competition, a book on lessons in executive strategy co-authored by Brawn and former Williams chairman Adam Parr, will have gleaned that both experienced bruising run-ins with Ecclestone. Indeed, both make clear their beliefs that Ecclestone played parts in their respective downfalls.

A particularly telling paragraph, attributed to Brawn and written before CVC confirmed Brawn’s appointment as MD and Bernie’s emeritus role, reads: "[Ecclestone] will go and meet his maker one day, but no one has managed to depose him; you can’t go to CVC Capital Partners and have an argument and think they will override him. There is no higher authority."

Another passage is equally critical of Bernie: "So it’s frustrating that even pretty senior individuals in Formula 1 will not have a long-term vision or plan…and Bernie’s one of the worst. Someone’s got to fix it by implementing a proper strategic plan, or it’s going to suffer even more.

"I can’t remember a time when Bernie initiated a fundamental strategic change in Formula 1. Any of my experience of him in meetings is that he always comes up with something which is so diverse, so divisive, that it never takes off."


I believe Bernie was the reason Adam had to leave Williams.


Didn’t see the race just heard that Vettel won and passed Hamilton in a pit stop.
Was there any overtaking on the track?


No, the cars are too wide for overtaking :smirk:


Well Melbourne is not a circuit where you expect to see overtaking and the technical regs have been changed for 2017, which as a consequence, makes overtaking even more difficult than before.


Exactly. There were a few moments in the lower order towards the end (mostly, I suspect due to mechanical failures) but it was a typical Melbourne procession.



The cars look mighty quick in the apex’s however, and the drivers voices sound more strained on the radio, anyone else notice that? Pulling some G’s!


I watched the highlights - I was very bored.



Oops, caps lock was on…