2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


It’s OK. It’s worth shouting about.


Used to quite enjoy watching it in the 80s.
Don’t think i’ve watched more than a dozen since then.


Even if you have only a passing interest in F1, please complete the survey…





Gave up tbh, tooooo long…


too long… and why are you obliged to leave an email address


I perserveeeeeeereved

The best bit is the end when you can cut Sky out of the reckoning with a tick and comments.

Try again, close you eyes and think of England.


Harsh. It was more exciting than the Melbourne GP.


Very long winded, a bit like an F1 race…


Nothing worthwhile is ever easy :unamused:

People moan that races are boring but surveys of this type can inform those with the power to force through the necessary changes. Possibly.


True but the survey offers no incentives like Toblerones at the end, so I’m out.

The people in charge get lots of money for running F1 and are obviously very clever :wink: they don’t need my FREE help, I charge £100 an hour for filling out this tosh…


Ugh…I’ve filled it out, and joy I get a 25% discount.

Hopefully the powers that be will now take us back into the dark ages :slight_smile:


Has Teresa May taken charge ???




Presumably to get a link to your free 3 month membership of the website


hmmmm - rubbish website/survey - if I didn’t spot that inducement.


You had to persevere until the end :grinning:


I did that is how I know they asked for an email address - I just didn’t spot the inducement…



Its as far fetched as McLaren scoring a point this season… lol.