2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


Yes - Lets hope he will learn the car better in the next few races.


Force India




It’s about time. He’s managed to avoid getting arrested for 6 years now.


Well, good luck with that…



It’s even a backwards step from a year old Ferrari anchor.


VAG to buy Honda. VAG to buy Sauber. Hinwil as VAG base

(Anyone need lottery numbers, picks for the 3.40 at Doncaster etc, just let me now)


Comes with a dowry I suspect…




If only they were that quick


What that thing needs is a pair of angry attack gerbils on the wheel, irrespective of colour. Nothing could be faster, not even an Astra going downhill with a tailwind. :oncoming_automobile:


He He. You’re funny :thumbsup:


Your sarcasm wounds me…:disappointed:



So, according to the Poisoned Dwarf (Eddie Jordan) at the end of this year, Honda will go to Sauber (no real surprise) and McLaren will get Mercedes engines.
Also Freddie to Renault in 2018.



It amazes me why Mac have never developed their own engine, I mean really, they have massive resources and engineering talent, yet they outsource the most vital part of their car to a third party! (Obviously they get paid for running Honda engines).

Look you’re starting to look like real players now, you have your own rapidly growing road car business, (albeit one using engines based on a Nissan block). It would give you massive kudos and heritage if you started and won using your own engines… Might even tempt me to buy one of your road cars, instead of me feeling that you’re still a bit Lotusy, in the way you ‘assemble’ them…

Come on Mac, you’re not under Ron’s spell anymore, time to step up to the plate and join the big boys!


Today I have mainly not watching F1. Laps 1,2,51 and 52 were quite good.

I am reliably informed that the rest was boring.


Congratulations to Valterri Bottas on his first ever F1 win.
Having world champs Sebastian and Kimi on the podium with him must have been very special.


According to Alan McNish, there was literally no on track overtaking aside from the start


.[quote=“TMC, post:439, topic:267”]
no on track overtaking aside from the start

Maybe much the same for the rest of the season, bar fortunate DRS placement.