2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


F1 racing may not be as interesting as it once was, but the championship can be.

As this is a next gen thread, though, where did Bottas come from? I’ on’t think I’d heard of him before this season, yet he’s following Hamilton home for a 2nd place, is 3rd in the championship, and is a real challenger. Superb effort.


Bottas has a great pedigree. He was highly thought of at Williams and is a very quick driver. He is still developing his craft. But his mental strength and speed make him a front runner.


Easy win for Hammy.
Perez needs a good kick up the arse.


Quite an entertaining race that one!


I found it quite dull. The first lap was exciting and until Verstappen’s car stopped at least there was a race for the lead but the rest of it was a bit processional. Vettel did well to limit his losses but he was helped by Perez’s refusal to let his teamate through to challenge Ricciardo. Other than that I can’t remember much of note about the whole race. Congratulations to Lewis Hamiltom for a pretty faultless win.


Oh, I must have been having a Cadburys Fruit & Nut rush then :grin:


I thought there was quite a lot of overtaking and mini races right through the field…
One of the better GPs this season.


I agree with Kevin. A decent event. Not much to see out front but the TV director focused on the interesting stuff.


I don’t have Sky, so watch the non C4 races on the F1 app.
The app has improved over the years and now gives almost all the timing information I was used to on the pit wall. I would look at sector times and the pace of various cars, particularly around pit stops, more than the video feed when I had both in front of me on the prat perch so I mainly miss the video for replays when something unusual happened.
There was lots of interest at Montreal and I was particularly pissed off that Perez didn’t let Ocon by the instant he was asked - particularly since they assured him they would swap back if Ocon didn’t get by Ricciardo.


This has become very common of late. The drivers seem to forget they are employees and are earning the bucks for the benefit of the team.



Some valid points in there but I cannot see a UK office being opened up as it is expensive to do so and Ferrari has shown that it doesn’t really work.


Oh eck…?


2 1/2 weeks after I join the team, the Internet reports that the CEO has left the team!


Fingers crossed that this doesn’t affect your position, Ian.


Thanks. Going to have to wait and see what happens next. I am sure that the owners have a plan as it is a very big step to take with no longer term plan.


Fingers crossed for you.


Credit where it’s due, that was a bonkers lap from Lewis yesterday

Not sure what kind of race we’re gona get, Vertsappen vs Ferrari seems to be where the action will be.


A totally mad disorganised cockwomble of a race.

Rubbish marshals,wrong tyre compounds, safety car creating dangerous driving conditions.

Race stopped, drivers out of cars

No one has a clue what is going on


Sounds interesting, for once.