2017 Formula 1 - The next generation



Turned out to a really good race, loads of incidents, there will be a lot after race chatter.

No way anyone could have predicted the first three.


Wow, what a race !!

Lewis - massive massive tit. How does he avoid a penalty for driving like a knob behind the SC??? I’m lost on that
Vettel - massive tit. If he’s kept his head and not “rubbed” him he’d have won. Loads of points lost
Bottas - not a tit, but lucky to avoid a penalty for tittish Raikkonen nerf
Ocon - bit of a tit, but Perez knows the game now

Must have been some more tits but I’m too breathless to count em all

Good steady job from Ricciardo & esp. Stroll


Wow, a huge lesson in how to get it wrong in many many ways!


My post or the race ? :slight_smile:


I’m no Hamiton fan however Vettel did a very bad thing knocking into Lewis - I think he should have got a much worse than a ten second stop go.- Especially when he pretended he had done nothing he could think of to deserve a stop go. Twat. I agree Lewis also a twat less so though.

These things did make for a classic race


Hamilton was not penalised. The stewards examined data from his car and found that he had maintained a more or less constant speed, had not lifted off the throttle or braked, and had behaved no differently at that re-start at that point on the track than at the other two re-starts.


Vettel should be looking at a DQ for that.


Exciting race. Great win by Ricciardo, excellent 2nd place for Bottas and a great 1st podium for Stroll. Without the extra pitstop to replace the neck collar, Hamilton would have won. Vettel was lucky to get just the penalty that he did but did well to stay ahead of Hamilton. It could have been a 1-2 for Red Bull if Verstappen’s car didn’t pack in yet again.

The use of safety cars instead of virtual safety car will be something that will need to be looked at as hopefully will the ease of breakage of the carbon fibre bits that keep falling off the cars.

20 races like this in a season will get the crowds watching F1 again.


I was really surprised to read they thought that: graphics on my local feed were showing his corner exit speed to be 20-something down on his entry speed.

He certainly made a point of doing exactly the same at the 3rd restart, and to my eye it (2nd restart) seemed - wholly incorrectly, it seems - to be a brake test.

Seb should just fess up to giving him a shove, and they can move on. It’ll all get lost in the he said she said, but Vettel must have driven the bloody knackers off his car to keep Lewis at bay after their pit stops



Hamilton may have played a game, but it was fair and within the rules, and no different to what many other drivers would have done in the same situation.
Vettel was trying to get a drop on Hamilton while they were behind the safety car. It didn’t work, and he hit Hamilton. Telemetry says Hamilton did nothing different - ergo, Vettel’s fault/error. Nothing more, nothing less.
Maybe we’re seeing a Vettel ego or temper coming to the fore? “I am the champion - I am invincible!” I’m sure he was frustrated, but that’s no excuse.

Or maybe he was just a complete an utter twat on the day.


From reading this mornings papers (and Lewis) you’d think he’d nerfed him off at full chat around 130R

They banged wheels at 52km/h behind the safety car. Come on, people


So in reality Vettel should’ve had two penalties, as he caused two avoidable collisions…
He’s a very lucky boy imo…


If only…



LOLZ etc.




The Baku results may yet change.
Vettel is under investigation.


Couldnt agree more with Buttons/ Brundles comments the last days: start showing me similar penalties for running people off at speed and we can talk about 30 mph bitchslaps


Maldonado’s efforts were nasty but due to his driver ranking of less import. Vettel doing it, a respected (?) World Champion, to another World Champion, at the head of a train of cars, in the full glare of international media ? There is a case for sanctions to stop this sort of things becoming prevalent in lower categories (remember the increase in incidents during the Schuey era ??)

30mph bitch slap or 170mph pushing somebody within inches of a wall (Schuey on Massa) isn’t a massive leap when the red mist decends.

In lessor hands in lower formulae it’s asking for trouble.

As for Button/Brundle’s comments, the FIA has to start somewhere. Why not the top.


Or …Why not things which are actually dangerous ?

Weaving and swerving has gone unpunished for years. Yes you, Max. Running people wide, ditto. Yes you, Lewis. Seemingly being unable to use brakes, Romain.

I’ve been watching most GP2 sessions this season and I know which of the above are prevalent, and which slaps behind the SC are not.

And using Maldonado is like the Godwin’s Law of F1