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…and that’s a good thing, is it ?


Christ! Am I that obtuse? No, the opposite: there has been a deteriation of standards the last few years, imho, and slapping behind the safety car isn’t near the worst thing that’s been going unpunished.

I’d gladly see Todt grow a pair for the good of the sport - as opposed to for his personal interests - and introduce a tougher line for shitty driving, I just hope that he doesn’t ‘get tough’ with Vettel while ignoring the genuinely dangerous stuff (which has long since permeated the lower categories / kids watching on tv)


The fact remains, that punishment must start somewhere and it MUST start at the top. What Vettel did was petulant and disrespectful to the sport which has made him a very rich man-child.
A serious kick up the jacksie will send the appropriate message to ALL competitors.



Hi freefallrob, thanks for providing the link. Reading articles like that help make it clear that journalists actually get told bits and pieces and then extrapolate (or were told incorrectly to start with) to something that is plain wrong. It did get my joining Sauber correct though, which was a surprise for to me see (no announcements from Sauber). I have only mentioned on here and at PFM that I have joined Sauber (and on LinkedIn) so I remain surprised (but clearly the information is in the public domain) that Joe Saward would have any idea about me starting there.



I don’t see how there can be a polarised view on what happened. Video evidence, telemetry and so on all show Vettel was at fault - twice. The first time, he may have got away with. A lapse in concentration, an inadvertent over-acceleration, whatever.
The second impact - yes, low speed - was deliberate. There were no mitigating circumstances.It was sheer childish petulance, and has no place on a F1 circuit (or in any other level of motor racing, or indeed in any sport).

That he’s committed pretty much exactly the same offence before should be enough. Maybe a ban isn’t appropriate, but docking the points he scored at Baku is.


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It’s an artist plying his trade using a different technique. Whether it is worthy is a philosophical question.

More about Photography than F1.


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I think they should have allowed Hamilton to kick Vettel in the bollocks, with a run up, on live telly :thumbsup:


Roshambo style with Cartman commentating.



It’s actually a website…



Just as thing show an upward trend…

Pretty typical for Ferrari. Foot/bullet interface achieved ?


Maybe they’re switching to Honda


Could be a cunning move…


Probably poached by another team, thats all.


Is it time for McLaren to build their own ?


Probably time to roll their own, certainly

And no, they’re not gonna build their own, that would be completely nuts in this generation of engines