2017 Formula 1 - The next generation


They had to do something. The halo is the best thing anybody has come up with. Nothing transparent would have good enough visibility for a GP, either due to optical distortion of dirt build up.
I am sure there are some accidents where it wouldn’t be safer but others where it would.
There is pressure because of Jules Bianchi’s accident, which was his own fault and even though no feasible structure could have saved him (in my estimation).


This was what I was alluding to. As it was the first idea to be tried it has gathered it’s own momentum.


Last paragraph gives an indication as to why it has been introduced.


It has now been announced that Sauber and Honda will not work together. So I will not be flying to Japan on a regular basis! Meanwhile we do not know which powerplant we will have for next year, and this needs to be sorted out urgently.


Can’t you get Vauxhall to supply some de-rated Astra engines? With a bit of work on your chassis & stronger brakes it could just about be made safe.


Interim deal until Ilmor comes on stream ?


Looks like they have gone all Italian again then + a rookie driver?


It seems quite likely that we will have a rookie driver, but if that driver is of the level of Max Verstappen then that would be fine!

I like the Vauxhall idea, but there are some significance advantages being allied to Ferrari.

Anyone thinking about aligning with Ilmor needs to think very carefully about it. Unless the rules are structured so that a company with little funding can make a good engine. The current rules completely preclude it.


Sobranie fag ash in the bores instead of Old Holborn? It’s finer, and gives a smoother finish… :wink:


Half way through the two week F1 shutdown.

I used to think that the shutdown was a bad idea, at least for people working at the factory (everyone forced to take holiday during the shutdown and so had no flexibility as to when they could go away, thereby making it a bit limiting if you had kids on school holidays and more limiting if you did not have kids), but now think that on balance it is a good thing.

The race team certainly need a break by this time of the season, and just being able to get away for two weeks and then come back with noone having made any progress, makes it a lot easier to relax when away.

I have just moved into my flat in Switzerland (from a bedsit) so have had a bit of time to visit places in Switzerland and get some furniture for the flat.


I like Switzerland. Good memories of time in Basel, Geneva, Zurich and Eglisau. Beautiful scenery, generally lovely people.


I am liking living here so far. I agree that there is some beautiful scenery and some really nice people here (feels safer here than anywhere else I have lived).

There are many foreigners who have settled here for the longer term, not surprisingly all of them are very happy with life in Switzerland.

I can look out of my flat windows and see snow capped mountains, whilst the outside temperature is in the low 30s. Or walk up the local hill (550m above sea level to 1150m above sea level) and eat at the restaurant at the top.


Sounds all very nice but where can you buy chips and curry sauce. :grin:

I must admit I am a little jealous.


Glad to hear you’re enjoying life there, Ian



I think this came from being very bored on their Summer break and after a very long lunch :roll_eyes:


I think you are correct. The more I look at the outline the more I think it looks like a rat


And the bit about Stoffel knowing the streets because he drives around there in his Civic. I’m sure some (in the factory) will find it amusing :unamused:


“Engine producer who can’t make a decent engine can’t sell their product” shocker…