AA football predictor


murrayj2 will be whuppin’ yo ass sonny.


Well, fairly predictable. I expect you all got 40 points for that too?


No, just the 10 for the correct result. :slight_smile:


Next weeks predictions are up.


Only 60 points for me this week. Not very good, but there were a few shocks.


The first few weeks are always the hardest.


A disappointing 90 points.

Gutted I changed my Watford v Liverpool prediction from 2-2 to 0-3 at the last minute. :-1:
Note to self - always predict that Liverpool will fuck things up.


Also changed from a draw to pool win.


120 points for me. Is that good?


Anything over 100 is good,over 150 very good


Well played Dave. I take it you predicted Burnley to win 3-2.:stuck_out_tongue:


A dull 90 points for me.


Given the shocks, I thought my 70 was a decent score but it looks like it was rubbish!


If it is any consolation I was rescued from an execrable score by getting the Newcastle Spurs result right which was 40 points, otherwise I was looking at 60 and :poop::poop::poop:


It’s a marathon, not a sprint.

37 more prediction ‘weeks’ to go


I hope to plateau on 50 points a week


I had 2-0 for the Chaps. 0 points.


I’d have been top but for that last minute Pogba goal.:rage:


I am still top. Amazing. :hugs:


Typical Chelsea glory hunter