AAAC 11th July - Kill West - Gush


I would agree with both the above reviews.

I am finding that I am starting to prefer the more rock based Psych than the experimental and drone now, as the quality of that hasn’t been great recently.

Do like the recent DD and stolenbody releases though.


Agree with comments above, nicely produced but nothing special going on to make it stand out from the rest of the pysch fuzz pack.


Quite liked it, reminds me of BRMC. Will listen to their other stuff but can’t imagine buying it.


Pretty poor effort this. I was playing this kinda stuff back in 1974 as a 14 y.o. fledgling muso.
I assume that there is no specialty “vocalist” in the band and that the guy doing the vocal was nominated as he was less rubbish than the rest ?

In short, this album should be renamed as “Gash”.



and this from the man who brought us Guilt Machine; high praise indeed.

I think that proves that this is the best AAAC choice, ever :smiley:


You should have stuck it out, the last track has a 10 minute flute solo and fantasy based lyrics that would make even the most nerdy 15 year old boy blush with utter embarrassment - bang up your street really :slightly_smiling_face:


We both know that that’s a porky, don’t we Wayne ? For the record I listened all the way through.
You see, unlike some, I’m prepared to suffer for the greater good.
I listen to this shite so others don’t have to.


True dat.


Double post - please delete.


The sacrifices you make for us - we should be truly grateful :roll_eyes:


Good Lad. You can have all the prog 'n flutes. I shan’t even bother to stand in the queue.



I concur with ljrussel. Quite enjoyed this. It had some good sex guitar bits…


Very, very disappointed with this. 2/3rds of it sounded like a Status Quo backing track.

Got massively irritated by it all part way through track 7.