AAAC 12 September - Across Tundras- Electric Relics


Great! I suggest Old World Wanderer :+1:

(Quite possibly what @notaclue will turn up and announce would have actually in fact been a better choice)


Yours was the first review :roll_eyes:


@ICHM stole yours (minus the last two words)


Sorry to disappoint Neil, but another big :+1: from me.

I really like this. Great find !

An unusual mix of fairly obvious Americana meets riffs, fuzz, riffs, psych and alt country. Did I mention the riffs and fuzz ? Sort of All Them Witches meets Truck Fighters meets a tamed down Electric Wizard.

Bought the LP, though feckin’ postage is ruinous.


Again, I can safely prejudge the tenor of your responses where no capes are involved!


Should’ve gone with Turbonegro :wink:


Nowt wrong with a bit of Glampunk :wink:


‘Old World Wanderer’ would have been a better choice… :wink:

Never heard of them.

I thought on first exposure this was very enjoyable. It’s obviously generic (as is so much stoner rock) and I didn’t really that hear much country (I was expecting Nashville-esque), but they do it very well. You can hear enough talent here to lift it above a lot of stoner rock.

The opening cymbal sounds good, but the rest of it pretty muddy sounding. Though it quite suits the music.

This sort of thing often is my cup of tea so I found it very immediate. It’s a quality 40 minutes of stoner rock.

I had a quick burst of OWW (as I’m sure their fans refer to it…) at and I think this was much the better choice as it has more character and more drama. OWW is a bit too generic and flat.


I will provide 2 reviews, one using prose and one using pictures:

The Prose:
I really should like this LP. On the face of it there are fuzzy distorted guitars playing simple riffs, descending basslines, blissed/washed/wiped out vocals, and a generally slack stoner vibe.

It doesn’t work for me and I’m wasn’t sure why at first. Repeated listens (3 times by God) suggests three reasons. Firstly, it is the poorly recorded nature of the thing. This is not so much a lo-fi recording as just a muddy mess. Secondly, it is utterly devoid of inspiration or imagination. The drumming is metronomic, but not in a good way, just in a ‘this is the only pattern I know/can be arsed to bash out’ kind of way. Then there are the riffs, which should be huge, primal slabs of fuzz and distortion and yet aren’t. In one tune the riff is laughably similar to the chord progression from Rod, Jane and Freddy’s Rainbow Theme Tune. Finally, the song titles and lyrics are utterly ludicrous. The description provided by the band for their Bandcamp album page sums it all up:

“Electric Relics” is our humble offering placed at the crossroads of past, present, and future tense. Age-old energies and 3 phase electric power intersect to reveal hidden truths of bygone times, modern mysticisms, and sound the alarm for uncertain days to come. We walk through this shadowy land in search of a spark to light the fire and illuminate the depths of consciousness.

That is gusset-moisteningly funny stuff. Is this a piss take? It is supposed to be Doom but is fucking funny when you listen to it.

I actually paid the artist for this, so on those grounds I’ll award it 3/5, but -2 for ripping off Rod, Jane and Freddy.

The pictorial review (for the tl;dr crowd):



It’s not. Not even slightly.


:+1: Agreed. It is a tad whiffy…


I’ve played it a few times and liked it. They add plenty of psych and avoid being too metallic. The Southern twang gives it a certain something that I like. Decent album. I especially liked the song about the caravan and the last song.

If they do another album, maybe the production budget could be upped a tad…


I’m not sure, but I think this was the first album they recorded themselves- the other ones all sound noticeably cleaner, don’t you think?

Personally, I like the production- if it was a conscious decision on their part I wouldn’t think it was a bad one.


I find myself liking some of this. Not enough to give a positive review however. Those decent moments were very short lived and unmemorable.
Badly recorded fuzzy guitars, a monotonous drummer, comical lyrics and the geezer’s voice grates like a chainsaw through corrugated iron. All. Win :unamused:


I’m finding it difficult to get past that horribly sludgy guitar sound…
It’s just not at all nice. Or cool. Or even rock’n’roll.
It’s like My First Kay guitar from the catalogue played through a stupidly over-driven Winfield amp…
Still, there’s also not much else in there that’s exciting either - there’s very little actual bollocks, just gentle stoned minor bluster; no fireworks of any sort, no proper grooves - it’s all a bit of a droney continuum. Which is probably the point!
However, I don’t find it offensive in any way, just a bit dull. 5/10. Maybe 6/10 if I’m feeling generous.


If you want fuzzy guitar done with some menace, go listen to Dark Army - Dark Army, brutal




Yep, Dark Army and Bleed, tracks


Sounds like standard metal to me!
This is a bit more my thing:


If this is their best album, I really don’t want to waste my time listening to the others. It wasn’t close to being the worst AAAC ever IMHO but it just didn’t do enough to interest me and I hated the singer’s vocal style. 2/5