AAAC 15th August 2017 - Paul Oakenfold - The Goa Mix


S’funny that this “genre-defining” dance music has slightly regressed from the best of ol’ Giorgio and his sequencers he made out of parts from Maplins…
There’s no soul, beats are straight 4-on-the-floor, there’s very little of actual musical interest, and there’s not much in the way of even Ravey Davey Gravy style blips and blops…
Sounds to me like Music-As-Product; it just gives me visions of those super–clubs where folks paid a fortune to stand in a huge crowd and wave their arms about to music effectively made by a machine; they may feel like they’re all at-one-together, but in actual fact it’s just homogenisation. Dance music is now this, it’s global and it’s largely wank!
Still, at least it’s not folk!


Smalls sums it up for me. I had it on in the car on my way home yesterday and forgot to write a review. In fact, I forgot all about what is loosely called music.


Never been a fan of big fish, small fish, cardboard box music and this reminded me why.

Just too repetitive, now rinsing my ears out with some AC/DC.


Dreadful repetitive dirge. Is dance music the modern equivalent of prog?


More changes of rhythm in Prog.



Think I got the overall jist of this after an hour.