AAAC- 23-05-17 Richard Youngs - Sapphie


Intriguing thread. Made me look forward to a listen after reading it!

First track wasn’t great, the second got better and the third was the best.

It’s very amateurish and quite odd. You can tell he means it. He gets a bit carried away though, doesn’t he? I assume all his own work as a producer would never have allowed such a self-indulgent album.

The third track is lovely.

I reckon ‘intriguing’ sums up this week’s AAC. I will check out some of his other stuff. Quick burst of his 2011 album sounds promising, in a strange and detuned way.


At last, someone with taste :smile:


I think his user name gives the game away.:stuck_out_tongue:


Sounds like a really interesting back catalogue. Some lovely songs.

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