Abbatoir Meat Up/ Show


You are not on your own there Graeme. :+1:


Watch out, he’s only after filling for their wicker man…


Fetlar needs me!


OB1 ?


Put me on the list.
Even if you don’t get the music room finished a long weekend including a local festival or something would be an amazing trip. :slight_smile:


One B, two T’s


Whatever you do and i can make it i will attend . I’ll even supply the eggs to pelt me with :smile:


We get fresh eggs from a neighbour, faaaar too good for pelting. Great for breakfast though :+1:


I’d love to get back up there - magic place


I’ll second that emotion.


If there’s enough of us, maybe we can charter a chopper. :grin:




Just a thought, but why does it have to be a hotel? There are many medium / big houses that can be rented for the weekend, possibly even through AirBNB. Not sure what costs would be for these, but if you’re looking to keep it in house rather than opening it up to all-and-sundry it might be a way to go. Anyway, just throwing the idea out there.


It could also be a pub or function room or a local community centre?




You could just get a barrel from the local brewery


What about the second half hour?


Another barrel should be waiting in Room 101



I agreed with all that until I read this: On the basis of that page I think I will give Scalford the swerve as I cannot see it being of much appeal to me.

Is that you on the front page in the photo? Nice shot if so…