Adding a record player


What is it?




…and very ugly


Tecdas Air Force One, DD deck.


I have a Sony PS-6750 if you are interested, or a Systemdek Transcription with Rega/Acos arm or, for simplicity of use, a Technics SL-QL15. PM me if you would like details. Too many turntables, need to sell some…


I might be back to you about one of these in a month or so myself Dave (doh!). :smile:


You’re welcome to pop up and have a listen to any of them Rob, happy to hold one for you.


The Sony TT is a stonking deck.


I think Des (dipstick/soulman) has one of these, sounded decent last time I heard it :+1:


I quite like it :grinning:


If it’s only for occasional use keep it simple…

Rega Planar 3
Rega Exact
Rega Fono MM


They changed it now, all new decks should come with the cover included.


That is good.


That Timestep Onkyo looks a good buy.

Anybody want a rather good condition original Lenco ?


What’s the belt for? Trousers?


Belt and braces!


Ha, not sure why I thought it was DD, must be going insane.


This combo sounds very good from experience.


Rubber bands are for:

Wrapping up bundles of post,
Erotic makeshift cock rings
Pinging at Geography teachers
Making shit catapults
Holding up well worn undercrackers
Exciting games of conkers