All your science in here



If you press the middle of the plunger seal is there a bit of give?


Looks like chocolate moose with a crumbled chocolate base on a small pancake - desert!!


I think that the plunger is very firm and creates a great deal. I reckon that the pressure is very even.


How hard is your water?


You are also pushing down for too long, the best flavour comes if you stop pressing when the granules are still very wet and not too compressed as you aren’t pushing the bitter flavours through then.


I think Chris is right, stop pushing before it bottoms out and see if it stops doing it.

Alternatively, the coffee is under infused and continues to expand after you have compressed it. Does the coffee taste sharp or bitter and can you discern between the two?!


Are you channeling your inner Mr MWS?


Also you may not be stirring it enough, the granules should be well mixed in the water, suspect the dome is where they have settled before you started pressing down.


It’ll be because of reasons then. Put it in the bin and go to Tesco and buy some Tesco Gold in a jar. It is all you need. Fancy coffee is for dicks.


Just like fancy hifi :+1:

Are you the new Serge Auckland?


Don’t be so fucking stupid. Fancy hifi is fucking cool. The fancier the better. Shakti stones and the like are shit though.

I hope you have a lovely weekend. Off up north meself. Should be super. Might go and visit some nice National Trust places. Nice they are.


I hope you have an adequate time.


Oh, it will be really adequate.

Well probably a bit meh tbh. Bury is like that. Promises adequacy, but can ultimately be a bit meh.


You could visit the RSPCA shop.



I do have some animal remains in a box I could with disposing of.


I’ll try for shorter, leaving some mush behind. Will do a taste test.

It’s definitely being stirred enough, always at least 30s


One tip I read online was to stop plunging just when you start to hear the air being pushed through, so you’re not squeezing the grounds with the plunger itself. that’s what I do with mine.

I only grind a double shot at a time and use it immediately, that should help with the flavour as well.


I do exactly the same


Look, some random person has asked exactly the same question. He didn’t get an answer either…


The science in this thread has gone right downhill, buy a coffee machine you tight arse :grinning: