All your science in here


The kids and I started some of these off yesterday

Apparently they’re the same as Sea Monkey’s

There’s some quite interesting stuff in this article, about how the original “inventor” developed them into a product- including a breeding programme carried out with the Long Island lab of the New York Oceanic Society. The dye trick that gave the appearance of “instant life” is quite interesting too.


Yeah right… :dizzy_face:




I want one!


The spaniels will run it ragged! (except, maybe, backwards.)


Here’s how they make it less “terrifying”




I was just reading that - so cool…

I want a Compact Muon Solenoid


I think I might build an open baffle one when I’ve finished my first OB build. I should have amassed enough skills by then




< insert roundhouse gag>


If you’re good Santa might bring you some for Xmas (not sure I’d call them compact though)

I confess I have a soft spot for the muon (the particle, not the speaker which TBH I didn’t like when I heard them) - a sort of turbo-charged electron which is heavy enough to get close and personal with the nucleus (it can catalyse cold fusion that way). It’s a shame it’s so short-lived. But if we accelerate it up to close to light speed then its lifetime is extended in our frame of reference by relativistic time dilation. This is one of the clearest and (relatively) simplest ways of showing this effect (none of that malarkey with trying to fly ultra-precise ultra-delicate atomic clocks around the earth on aircraft).



x1 loom of time crystal cable sil vous plait


Pfft, there’s been time bandits for over 30 years.





That is something that could help a lot of people


Apparently it costs about the same as a hearing aid

“The Second Machine Age” book is full of stuff like this :thumbsup:


Those suffering from Alzheimers and Dementia would get a lot of use for it - especially helping to recognise people