American road trip car choice


So the wife is hinting at a USA road trip ny to la or possibly west coast top to bottom with wobbles into Texas and Nevada.
Obviously if money were no object I’d be blaring along in a Lexus LFA or some sort of Aston Martin sadly though money is an object so in the absence of a bandit / knight rider firebird (yes I know there are new versions but I doubt anyone rents them out as they are bespoke) I’m thinking cliche mustang / camaro / dodge preferably in mlc convertible spec.

My question is what would you choose?


How many corners are there ?


A different country


Something made by Boeing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:






Seat Leon ST Ecomotive.

Or whatever roadster is cheap. Then burn the top of yer head off and keep the top up for the rest of the trip. But at least for one day you were living the dream.


Mine looked a bit like that. I miss that car.





A mate of mine had one of those.

100% effective contraceptive.






when in Rome:


Texas would be a substantial wobble. El Paso is about 700 miles from the west coast then there’s about another 500 miles of west Texas (the definition of empty) before you reach a city which has paved roads. You can do the drive in a day if you’re hard enough but you won’t feel like doing much the next day.