Any old Pics


The whales were not happy about it -


Berwick St market,1970


Ministry of Silly Walks?



I used to walk through there every day. I can still hear one of the stall holders shouting


When I eat it, or take a piss afterwards, inwardly I shout it too.


Doesn’t look like that now. Soho, like just about everywhere else in London has lost it’s character. :cry:


Shame,used to love going there in the late 70s.


And there used to be some great record shops as well :cry:


There is a guy about my age on pretty much the only fruit stall left, with SKINS tattooed on his forehead. I have been fascinated by him for years. :grin:


Must go back and have a look,used to walk through most days in the late 90s when i was living close by.


Better than one who just walked through the station with ANCHOVY tattooed there. The tattooist clearly misheard him :smile:


Keith Richards at Mick Jaggers wedding,1971.


Track motorbike,1939.


How the hell does that steer?


Good point.


If that tips over (it looks very heavy), your leg is fucked.


By turning the handlebars, obvs…:grin:


If you can go over everything, why would you need to steer?


Maybe that is why they never caught on.


To be fair I wonder how/why Hardly Ableson’s caught on. This probably handles better.