Any old Pics


Good point.


Nasa chilling,1960s


WW2 girl welding,1945.


Pedant mode on That’s a cutting torch, not a welding torch Pedant mode off :wink:

She looks nice though :+1:


I found this…

Oh, the horror :flushed:


Was that a promo shoot for Sweeden’s Eurovision entry 1982?


I don’t think those jeans would have been acceptable there either.


Had a girlfriend who dressed like that.
We didn’t last long.



1988 you fibber! Most of the locals I saw in Adelaide on any visit between 1994 and 2015 looked like that. Especially the hair…can’t tell how many front teeth you had then from that snap though…


The prison striped pantaloons have always been a popular fashion trend in Australia, since about 1788.


Enjoy your ban :smirk:


Is that the Yarra?


Hey Terry, you don;t look half as ridiculous as the guy, far right in the motorbike pic, with his plus 4’s and sawn-off tailcoat :grin:


Nah. The Torrens.


Mr. MWS’s Tuesday choice - ‘My Heart Leaps Up When I Behold’ Kings Road, London 1967 Photograph by Frank Habicht

Stronzetto’s subtle yearning - Cherry Vanilla, star of Andy Warhol’s play Pork,


Hot, literally and metaphorically


Goodbye Eric.


One of my favourite films!


I was in the house of this poet bloke in Segovia the other day and I spotted this turntable. Pretty it was, and with what seemed to be a linear tracker.


Cutting lathe? I’m in a very bright sunny room today & can’t see the image very well on this laptop.