Any old Pics


Segovia, wonderful place. Did you have suckling pig?

I was there in 2007, the Roman Aqueduct is astonishing. Not a single drop of mortar used in its construction -


Bloody cowboys…


Indeed. Won’t last 5 minutes. First bit of weather that comes along …




Twas indeed lovely. No pig was consumed though. Must have been ill.


But it’s their specialty dish! Restaurants all over the town are dragging you off the streets to buy it. We had it two nights running, mouth-wateringly delicious. I’m salivating just thinking about it.

You need to go back :smile:


I know. Bit of a stupid thing to do really. But it isn’t the first and won’t be the last.


Nice one.

Cochinillo Asado

A gastronomic orgasm


Is that a spatchcocked pig?:heart_eyes:


That does look gorgeous. Didn’t it used to date David Cameron?

Girlfriend would definitely not have had that. She was a bit grossed out just by the trotters on the hung up jamon we saw. You’d think she would have a stronger constitution after seeing me naked.


This is the one I cooked back in Hartlepool



:heart_eyes: Did you eat the snout?


There was precious little left after we attacked it


I prefer the flat one - reminds me of bumtell after his girfriend’s been on top :+1:


Reminds me of my second girlfriend. She never complained.


Girlfriend is quite slim.


Wasn’t that Cameron’s flat mate


Is that because you go on top?


No it isn’t. She doesn’t let me do that. :frowning:


What does she let you do…:smiling_imp: