Any old Pics


Please refer to the terms of the injunction…




Would make sense, she only has to look at his back then :wink:


Lets me buy her stuff.


I’ll let you buy my stuff if you want (I have an almost unlimited supply of EF80’s).



Sopot Poland


On the subject of Segovia and pork, may I recommend this book…,204,203,200.jpg



It’s actually a massive canvas covering the scaffolding while the building is being renovated.


Irish builders?


Our first roadtrip to French France 1990. Typical Aussie stylee…just not in a VW.

V4 Transit was shabby chic. OK to drive but looked a bit rough. Some sites made us park in the less salubrious parts of the campsites…

A bit of recycling…


Now c’mon, you can pay a lot of money for wonky. This is the Stata Center - one of the physics buildings at MIT

It cost 300 million dollars. At least that’s what MIT were admitting to in public - there was a rumour saying it was really 430 mill. Designed by Frank Gehry, wonky does as wonky is and it duly leaked, cracked, grew mould and had its emergency exits blocked by snow falling off the roof in winter. The drains also backed up.

Still, it’s about the statement really, isn’t it ?



:rage: Feck off! You only see that quality of shit from a proper Blue-White and Red, Brexit means Brexit, British builder of domestic rabbit hutches. Barratt Homes would be a terrific example of how not to do construction from all aspects of the supply chain.


106 year old Armenian woman protecting her house in 1990 with AK 47


Miss TV times final, London 1971


Is that you on the pavement, Stu?


Tower bridge construction 1892


old London bridge

and here it is being dismantled in 1968 after we sold it to the septics


The jam soho 1976


Mr MWS and followers 1968


Where did it all go wrong for the Partridge Family?