Any old Pics


Exactly. Very hard to pull facts out of anything anymore


The version here has all sorts of detail. If Dom were here he could probably nail the date from the troopers’ watches. Their badges definitely say Georgia though.



That seems to be the best write up, especially as it’s quoting from the Trooper and photographer




Try this for size then, cunt is pouring acid into the swimming pool to get the blacks out…


Saw that a while back. I hope he got hit by a car on the way out. Cunt


Noooooooooooooooooooo! My dreams tonight will either be of a baldy guy getting pummelled (:+1:) or some very nasty, horrible shit that I don’t want to think about now.

Positive thoughts…batter the cunt :grinning:


Utterly disgusting



Ffs, any idea when that picture was taken?


June 18, 1964

Interesting back story to it.


What a brilliant thread, a very eclectic collection of pics that kept me distracted for the last half hour. Keep 'em coming


Welcome aboard by the way.


Natasha King “The bendy bombshell”


Apparently one of the very earliest self-portrait photographs




Thanks mate, I have lurked on and off but once I accepted you lot weren’t coming back to the Wam you left me no choice :slight_smile:


The What? No idea what this thing we left is or was…



As Basil Faulty said, don’t mention it…:wink:


A fine site, populated entirely by knowledgeable and educated hi-fi folk, as I understand it.