Any old Pics


^^ What a brilliant photo. Always found Hitchcock the man pretty fascinating


Corner of Tottenham court road & Oxford st,1927





When Suits actually fitted


Publicity still from Bronco Bullfrog in East London,1969;


88 pitches on Hackney Marshes (1951)

eBay 0.1


Ridiculously close together those footie pitches. Must have been loads of times when there was two or three balls in the same pitch!


Perhaps that explains why we were good at football back in the day?


I used to play Sunday League there. Now there are a total of 82 pitches, but they are a mixture of cricket, rugby and football. The football pitches are still quite close together.


And no nets in the goal.




Duchess of Devonshire with her chickens…




Whoever put the stripes on rainbow man hasn’t paid much attention to the colours in a real rainbow. He’s clearly familiar with the joke about the crock of shit at the end of it though …



On slow days I like to colour Stronzetto in and place him in artistic settings as is my want. Today I was fresh out of Indigo, and Violet - I blame Balfour.


Belongs in the cunty shoe thread, some gal called ziggy would love those.




Two tribes,Piccadilly circus, 69


Boxing on a roof in L.A in 1938


Foxy boxing, nice!