[Archive] What are you listening to?



White Manna: Pan



Ufomammut - Oro Opus Alter



I heard the new album, having never heard the band before.
Liked the sound. Found it derivative of bands I don’t like, but liked the feel of it.
Nagging feeling it wasn’t all it seemed. Then it dawned on me: no tunes. Well, not enough tunes. Lots of nice warm, soporific landscapes but not a deal in them to identify.

So I put this on and liked it more. Cos it has tunes.


Boom Bip live mix.


Gorillaz - Humanz



Albert Collins - Frozen live
Just picked this up for £4 proper bargain, great blues player.





What a splendid name. Can you characterise the style in a couple of words? e.g. Icelandic doom prog / K-pop ska mash-up / tourrette’s techno etc.?


OK, if they’re a K-pop outfit then they missed the memo about dress code


Uruguayan Jazz Llamas?


I like the sound of that. Tomorrow’s Spotify selection is sorted :+1:


Ufomammut drew this :+1:


Joe Cocker


Limited issue of new album on order. Released this month :+1:






Couldn’t be bothered to get up to flip records :beer: