[Archive] What are you listening to?



2LP Deluxe Edition :crazy_face:



Blimey, not come across Ulver since I was in 6th Form


When they were black metal?

I like this one, it’s their overtly synth pop album apparently

My wife makes fun of my occasional predilection for 80’s style synth pop

I quite liked that Vorderhaus album people have been posting on here


Yeah, I think I had “Songs from William Blakes The Marriage of Heaven and Hell” or whatever the hell they called it, and then Perdition City, which was the first non-metal album they did





I didn’t know I owned this. Nope, I got nothing.






Forgot how good this album is



Much better than Anthology 1. The alternative version of ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ is superb. I expected the scrapings from the barrel kept at the back of the Abbey Road tape locker. Still enjoying listening to what is effectively (other than singles and well known LP tracks) unknown music for me.





I am selecting albums that avoid the need to type the title. That deserves a playlist. I’ll get me coat.



Angel Olsen - My Woman


This used to go down well at Bakeoffs, not played for a good few yrs.

Younger Brother - Last days of gravity


Mercury Prize on 6 Music; good show actually. I hope Kate Tempest wins it as she is just stunningly talented IMO. Sampha is also incred

…Ed Sheeran really not my cup of tea, although I objectively admire him.



Astonishing LP that. They were decades ahead of the competition when it came out.