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Very good summary.


Johnson should probably have a thread all of his own…


Serious cuntage


The last passage about his other gaffes does beg the question, ‘What kind of idiot would think it a good idea to have him as foreign secretary?’

In Ankara in September 2016 it shows him being asked whether he would apologise for writing a crude limerick about the Turkish president which included the line that he had “sowed his wild oats with the help of a goat”. An initially shifty-looking Johnson rallied and replied with typical bluster that “nobody has seen fit to raise it”.

In London last year he stood alongside former US secretary of state John Kerry and was asked about describing Hillary Clinton as looking “like a sadistic nurse in a mental hospital”.

It shows him insulting European leaders in the wake of Donald Trump’s election victory as he complained about the “winge-o-rama” that greeted Trump’s win, and shows how Downing Street had to disown his remarks on Saudi Arabia in Rome – that it was puppeteering and playing proxy wars in the region.

He is also seen comparing President Hollande of France to a wartime prison guard who wants to “administer punishment beatings to anybody who chooses to escape, in the manner of some world war two movie”.


If only he had bought the wigwam, instead of cat flap, it would still be proper cunt nirvana


He probably thought if it’s good enough for the sponging royal family it’s good enough for him.


but presumably not incest

“Adam and Eve had 3 sons”

take all the time you need


Keep trolling…


To be fair on the first one, Erdogan is a complete and utter cunt, and deserves all the insults possible.


Difficult to persuade anyone to change direction if you start by insulting them. He’s supposed to be a diplomat not simply a gobshite.


THIS is the point.
There are plenty of others who are in a better position to give that sort of “feedback”.


One loses the ability to be shocked by the cuntishness of the State.


Whilst I agree the tories and g4s/serco are cunts that article is utter bollocks.


This might be more measured, much as I hate to quote the Fail.

The truth is that privatised firms will be incentivised by “results.”


A video of it. Cringeworthy.


Where are these proposals? is there a Green paper that can be referenced?


Got them, it was a tender.



Said this already, but Davidson is the only one who can stop the Tories from disappearing up their own wazoo right now.

Feels like a Ken Clarke moment, against Howard/Davis in the 90s. And we know how that went.


Meanwhile in Spain this is happening. I heard the BBC describe the Catalans as ‘protesters’. They don’t appear to be protesting much, rather they want to vote on something important to them.

Contains video: