Armchair politics


Assume I’m stupid and humour me


Erm, as I recall there was mass civil disobedience over that.

I had a chat to Julian Cope that day at the march in London. He was dressed as a 9-foot tall silver alien called Squabbsy (or something). It was all very pleasant until the rioting started.

Funnily enough, that was the end of the poll tax, an idea so stupid and regressive the Government did away with it as fast as they could. Mrs T was gone not long afterwards IIRC. Purely coincidence no doubt…


And I spent a night in jug :rage:


I got hammered in a pub near Paddington and then got the train back to Reading. Those were the days…


My one and only time in nick. I wasn’t charged. They grabbed up loads of us and let us all out in the morning.


You’re missing the point. It’s not the voting that counts - it’s about the manoeuvres behind the scenes. The moderate Tories (there are some!) will vote for the main government policies, but they will insist on concessions for this loyalty. This provides the government with an overall mandate, but should knock off the extreme edges.

A strong opposition will work with these moderates. A radical one won’t, and this means that the moderate Tories cannot get anywhere.


Ok. I see what you’re getting at. I’ll think on that while I soak in the bath


if you’re still in gaol don’t bend over for the soap


Good old Peggy Suicide



I’ll bare that in mind


Audio here, the toffs laughing easily drowns out the gasps, cunts


This government really has become a pythonesque farce.


That’s just Boris.


The time is ripe for a new party


Circling the drain…


Worth a listen


this, the Conference was dull and even Tories weren’t interested in it. They are fucked. Their best chance is for May to go, pop Boris or some other twat in in (wait for it, wait for it), call an election and let Labour take the blame for Brexit. then pop a decent leader in and fight the next election.