Armchair politics


He’s a principled waste of carbon. Sadly they’re the wrong principles.



EPIC! Got to love Eddie Mair.


Yeah listened to that on the way home from work in the car…a bit squirmy :slight_smile:


Is she going to grow a beard and start an allotment? HAHAHAH



the bot on the left is certainly less wooden.


So this weak ineffectual opposition we keep hearing about.

It’s somewhat surprising to see the Tories abandoning much of their own election winning manifesto while purloining some of Labour’s policies. Not going as far perhaps, but at least acknowledging that student debt, organ donations, house building, energy pricing & mental health are pressing concerns after all.

Perhaps she thought that by cut & pasting whole sections of the West Wing’s script into her speech, no one would notice these shifts to the left.


Nobody said the Tories were competent!


I’m pretty sure the Tories said that they were competent. This was right after ‘strong and stable’ but just before ‘continuity’ and ‘DUP’.


I think it’s reasonable to assume that the tories and May are doing this as they think/hope it will garner support. The difference is that the labour party actually believe in these policies. The evidence is that they’ve always been party policy and when in govt have put them into place.

As I said a few days ago if the tories believed in these policies they would already have put them in and not be about to do them under pressure.


Since it’s mentioned above, organs to be owned by State and no longer donated, instead to require a denial of donation. Right or wrong move?



Donation must be voluntary.


I think that’s where my head is at the moment, I carry a card and am a member of the bone marrow scheme, feels wrong to be forced although the benefit is obvious.

Ho will they deal with wish lists of organs to not donate I wonder. Everything but my eyes as an example.


I would prefer it to be opt out rather than opt in.


I’d like to donate my fat. I don’t need it and it would probably keep several thousand people nourished for weeks…


How many weeks do you give May? For me 10.




Yep. This.


Guardian article klaxon. Very good though

In the Facebook age, outlets that value the idea of dispassionate inquiry and dogged research are feeling the pinch, while a great ocean of polemic, often written for nothing and barely interested in the world’s endless complexities, grows ever larger. The polemicists have a symbiotic relationship with the wider political mood, feeding off all the passion and emotion, and then doing their best to ramp everything up. As all that happens, the distinction between activism and journalism becomes dangerously blurred. Even among people fresh out of university, the “in” thing is seemingly to be a pundit rather than a reporter; in the online world, there are rather too many polemicists, and not nearly enough journalists.


Stop all this, everything is fine now, Gove has called an end to the Ivory trade.

As you were, stop panicking, move along now…