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Why? That’s how it is now, and not enough organs are available.

Not judging, just curious since I’m naturally inclined towards thinking what does it matter since you’re dead

One thing I hadn’t considered until I read the article below is that an opt-out system might be more costly than alternatives (e.g. education), so I am open to being convinced otherwise but…


Organ donation is currently a voluntary opt-in database. I’m saying it it should be converted to an opt out database where consent for for your organs is assumed unless you sign up and say otherwise.


Do you understand what Opt Out means ?

My organs will automatically (mine and Narelle’s wish) be donated. This should be a given. If you don’t like it, Opt OUT.


Hahahahah I misread that totally. We agree.


I misread your post


I don’t want to enter the afterlife without my organs. Might need them.



If true then his reputation will get even worse.


I don’t believe they would have questioned him if still alive




Frankie Boyle … love him or hate him you have to applaud his description of Michael Gove…

“He looks like a haunted ventriloquists dummy made out of the wood from Operation Yewtree”. :slight_smile:


This made me smile today



While you think it should be a given, it patently isn’t. An opt in system requires money to maintain a good awareness campaign that reaps all the wider benefits of opt in, unfortunately successive governments have failed to fund it properly. An opt out scheme is cheaper and loses those benefits, but will result in a slight increase in organ transplant rates. It won’t be long before opt out is seen as socially unacceptable, rather than opt in being seen as socially acceptable.

Perhaps we should just change the law to say that only those who opt in can receive an organ transplant.

Just musing, I shall wait to see the details of the consultation paper, in particular the protections built in and the ability of the family to refuse if opt in has been assumed. The latter is a part of the Welsh and Scottish system.

I assume ours will be similar. The schemes in Scotland and Wales still retain an opt in database, the families objections are ignored if the deceased has opted in, even under an opt out scheme.





i agree they have acknowledged it. They won’t do anything at all about any of it though. It’s their way. Say: “ooh isn’t it terrible” then cut benefits for the disabled.


*fewer empty seats.


Surely not?


The knob who declared her fit should employ her in their office and see how that goes.

Poor bloody woman, I hope it gets resolved sharpish.