Armchair politics


“…would be to change the curtains at Number 10…” to give him new fabric for his capes, no doubt :+1:


Replacing one bunch of useless, unpopular, grey-haired old farts who are totally detached from reality and were past their prime by 1975 with another. What is the point?

More importantly, there is a chance that Jacob Rees-Mogg could retaliate by releasing a concept solo LP combining Gregorian chant and jazz-flute. This should be avoided at all costs.


I’d like to see Noddy Holder placed in charge of Brexit negotiations. A couple of hours of Slade’s greatest hits played at 11 would see Barnier crumble.


Keith Richards as Health Secretary is however inspired. No need for the NHS. Just spend most of your adult life as a heroin addict as well as smoking and drinking and you’ll live to a ripe old age still be able to play Satisfaction.


Not all together true. It seems that his ability to move his fingers around a fretboard is very limited…

Apologies for The Fail reference :pensive:


Hmm. We could have a less bonkers foreign secretary too. Arthur Brown, perhaps, or Ian Anderson.:smiley:


Keith Flint.


Despite the fact he is long dead, he would be better than BoJo.


Err, I don’t think so…

You meant Keith Floyd didn’t you? :rofl:


Yes, I haz da brane fale…


Today’s fun fact,Keith Floyd was a big stranglers fan as well as George Melly.


No more heroes anymore


George Melly liked The Stranglers?

Wouldn’t surprise me, tbh.



Keith Floyd was George Melly ? That raises more questions than it answers.

Keith Floyd used to live near here. His missus used to grumble that when they went shopping in the local Tesco (before we had Sainsbury’s obvsly) complete strangers recognised them and started checking what they had in their trolley.




I hate going to Tesco, you always get strangers want to look inside your trolleys


Me too, they’re all crap. Last resort only.


Tesco is full of angry knuckle draggers in slippers and onesies…


Can’t say Ive ever noticed anyone dressed like that. It’s their food in general that I dont like.