Back in an Alfa after 19 years


Awful experience for you and your family.


This is what Alfa have become…


My Giulietta 2.0 diesel is still going strong - had it from new (2011) and it hasn’t missed a beat.
That could be due to having oil changes at 500, 1000 and 1500 miles, and having all servicing done by an Alfa/Lancia specialist garage…


That’s hardly surprising, as you’ve only done 1500 miles in six years…:grin:


I would like one of those very much indeed.


To be fair, the gear knob fell off… But that’s all that’s gone wrong in 75000 miles!


My sister had the 1.4 (?) turbo one with all the fancy things on.

It only had a new gear box and wiring loom, brilliant car though, strangely the gear box failed after I test drove it…


Jesus, thoughts are with you on that one :anguished:.

My uncle Chris once found a car on fire (it had just crashed moments before he got there) with a lady driver in it, he tried to get her out but couldn’t - he had some help for that one…


Tbh, I reckon it depends what year/day it was built.

All the 'Suds I had were rustbuckets, the GTVs were mechanically shit, but the 164 was pretty feckin good - nothing required but consumables in 4 years.


HAve you driven one. I did when I was considering leaving the Pork fold…not as quick as you think it should be. Holds the road ok, sounds nice, handles ok but a bit skittish…but build quality - nasty plastic interior, panel gaps not quite right…the spider I test was specced up to £64k…for an Alfa? Nup…


In reality I agree, not worth half that when I looked at one.

Still love the looks though and don’t really like modern Porkers so much, maybe the later Caymans I could live with.

Pointless anyway as I couldn’t turn up to clients driving either, and if I wanted a weekend car it would be a classic Porsche probably.


I have to say it is brilliantly good looking - I could resist the lure of its looks when I walked past the dealership in London. I was then woken up by a harsh dose of reality after the test drive. The best I can muster is “nice car”


alfas are crazy I’ve had a 3 litre v6 164 very addictive a 33 boxer and 2 156 diesels (sportwagons) 2,4 20valve which I thought was brilliant


I picked up my new 156 yesterday and, so far, I’m loving it. The selespeed gearbox is just great. Ideal for a lazy cunt like me. Even better, I sold my Yamaha amps so I can afford to have it serviced and get the cambelt done. Happy days.