Bake off in Devon.....hopefully


Will she be at the party?


Only if someone springs her out of Holloway in the next month.


Unfunny Christmas bunny it is


Pencil me in please Stu.


I’ll be there but wearing a penguin outfit & bringing muffins.


3rd or 10th December,any preferences?


Would like to come for this…


Can you get the 16a on the roof of the Porsche? Donna is really interested in replacing Stu’s piddling little speakers with something more imposing.


Haha, it actually has roof rack mounts. Not sure why tbh!


Cause you can’t get fuck all in the boot :grinning:
Plus a pair of canoes won’t go behind the seats




Fancy a wing man? It will largely depend on my bloody job which is a bit full-on at pres… 10th preferable for me I think.




Ok 10th December it is.

I’ll try and get an assortment of different mince pies and some clotted cream.

Will hopefully have a couple of different speakers to try out.


Is the mince pie eating world record (x3 in 1min) being challenged again?


Stu the 10th for me will be a bench and if needed head teachers corridor and expulsion


We didn’t manage one in 3 mins.

It was a useless attempt.

I hope for a better standard this time.


The clagginess of the pastry was the enemy of success - damn near tore the roof of my mouth out. I’ve been contemplating this and now believe with the aid of sufficient caster oil x3 will be a doddle.

Might it also be possible to have a stab at Furious Pete’s title…:

“The fastest time to eat 15 Ferrero Rocher® is 2 minutes 22 seconds,
which was achieved Peter Czerwinski of Canada - also known as Furious
Pete” - in London, UK, on 24 October 2014.

I am certain this is doable (if cooked soft)

Sprout fan Linus Urbanec from Sweden holds the current world record for
the most Brussels sprouts eaten in one minute. He swallowed 31 on
November 26, 2008.


Probably best if that one is tried at the end of the bake off