Beautiful Things


My kids want one!



Aurora seen from space.


This is just stunning - click on the image twice to get the full effect

Info from the APOD website:

On May 19, the Juno spacecraft once again swung by Jupiter in its looping 53 day orbit around the Solar System’s ruling gas gaint. Beginning at the top, this vertical 14 frame sequence of enhanced-color JunoCam images follows the spacecraft’s rapidly changing perspective during its two hour passage. They look down on Jupiter’s north polar region, equatorial, and south polar region (bottom images). With the field-of-view shrinking, the seventh and eighth images in the sequence are close-up. Taken only 4 minutes apart above Jupiter’s equator they were captured just before the spacecraft reached perijove 6, its closest approach to Jupiter on this orbit. Final images in the sequence pick up white oval storm systems, Jupiter’s “String of Pearls”, and the south polar region from the outward bound spacecraft.



Natty dreads. :slightly_smiling_face:


Foot of a male diving beetle, Acilius sulcatus.






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I think the frog eye is rather more lovely


We need to find out where those toblerone lollies can be bought from. :thumbsup:


This particular product was available in Scilla, Calabria. That’s in Italy, where I was recently :grinning:

I’m sure it is available elsewhere :+1:


Cheers, I’ll get Rob to take us there in his RX-8.


You might be unlucky - Toblerone was hit by the NotPetya ransomware attack. I wonder what the ransom demand was?

“Spanish food giant Mondelez - whose brands include Oreo and Toblerone - according to the country’s media. A Cadbury factory in Tasmania, Australia is affected” BBC


Fake news. I have been to Tasmania. They have absolutely no use for computers. A good dentist and several genetics experts might be handy there though.


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