Beautiful Things


It was on about 4:00 this afternoon, maybe 4:30. I’m going to chase it down.


20 years and they still haven’t figured it out?

Fucking slackers!


Indeed Rob - my mind was truly fucked when I saw this pic


Where’s the picture from please? I’d like to read more.


20 years of funding to dick about, I suspect it might take a few more depending on how close to retirement the lead researchers are :smile:


It came up in a twitter feed I follow - however now I’ve checked on the NASA website the caption is misleading.

From the NASA website:

The caption they have under the photograph says “Margaret Hamilton stands next to a stack of Apollo Guidance Computer source code.”

The blurb on Hamilton herself:

“The very first contract NASA issued for the Apollo program (in August 1961) was with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology to develop the guidance and navigation system for the Apollo spacecraft. Hamilton, a computer programmer, would wind up leading the Software Engineering Division of the MIT Instrumentation Laboratory (now Draper Labs). Computer science, as we now know it, was just coming into existence at the time. Hamilton led the team that developed the building blocks of software engineering – a term that she coined herself. Her systems approach to the Apollo software development and insistence on rigorous testing was critical to the success of Apollo. As she noted, “There was no second chance. We all knew that.””

No less impressive however - I should know better to check internet “facts” first :blush:





Even on the edge of a city centre, I have the pleasure of hearing one of these at night.


Northern Lights seen last night (27-28/9/17) from Fairbanks, Alaska. Photo credit: Marketa Murray

Dragon’s breath.


A stunning, never to be repeated, piece of architecture and great to see that it is going to be renovated

In the current climate, the following quote from the piece is rather poignant

Its president, Alain Rousset, told me the route through the achingly beautiful Valley of Aspe will be branded the the “western trans-Pyrenean line” when it opens. He promised to find 200 million euros (£175m) to pay for it, and Brussels will offer matching funds.

But we’ve just thrown all of those opportunities down the shitter :rage:




Lilac breasted roller bird, if translate is correct.

Fierce looking!




Finch Foundry at Sticklepath is worth a visit on Blacksmiths day (18th November this year) Take Sonny along. It’s like a glimpse back 150-200 years. Well worth the trip. The one day when they get all of the machinery working.



Wow !


'tis but the sky taking the mick out of Trumps comb over.