Beautiful Things


I like it, but it needs a few MG42s poking out of the windows and a couple of Oerlikons on the roof.


Not a bad view from the gaff


A David Savage chair. This fella is third generation arts and crafts with a direct training lineage back to Edward Barnsley via Alan Peters. I find his work fascinating.


Not sure if i love it or hate it.

Certainly an eye catcher though.

Looks beautifully made.


The twirly bit would get knocked off in our house




Yeah, I’d be worried about catching my eye on several bits of it! :open_mouth:


I’m not buying one. That curly bit would be a danger to my idiot Jack Russell Terriers. The vet would quickly get bored pulling it out of Pixie or Ziggy following some overly exuberant bouncing :mask:


It would never suit my cottage. Have I mentioned that it’s over 500 years old ?


Reminds me of Ming


It must seem like only yesterday that you were approving the architect’s plans. Was it Christopher Wren?


Is the loop some kind of sexual device?




I love telling Americans that my house is older than their country. They love that. :smile:


Real Americans might disagree :wink:


There’s a fair number of nation states smaller than your 16A as well :grimacing:


Fortunately they never leave their country or talk to foreigners, so they’re unlikely to find out.



I meant native Americans. As opposed to massive ones, which was what my keyboard first selected. Smart keyboard, this.


Yes. It is fun. Aussies are just too stupid and parochial to understand.