Beautiful Things


I kept waiting for a large ball to drop from underneath :bomb:



Ah, I see Ed has made a new turntable…






You need glasses Wayne - this is not the wretched eyesore thread. :smiley:


Crème brûlée looks like a lot of hard work to make.


He meant the pipe bending rig not bucket face :+1:


Glorious, hope it catches on… :+1:


One for all Rush fans


Stingray migration.


Hercules Moth - PNG (2009)




Incredible workmanship :heart_eyes:


A rare partially ‘blue’ Iceberg (2006)


Should be all blue! :nerd_face:




Hand cutting veneers with a plane, am just a tad impressed.


Can you imagine the amount of time he has spent doing that to make it look so easy and how much unseen method he has had to learn?

I am just taking on someone new to train, and this mornings lecture has been about method. That basically everything has method and it even comes down to how you stand at the bench and very much about how you think. You have to learn to love the mundane… I have high hopes, she listens and doesn’t mind being told.

My last trainee was basically the poster child for the Dunning-Kruger effect and was allergic to method and wonders why she hasn’t progressed. The better the apprentice, the better I get because they keep me honest and I have to make sure I am up to snuff at all times. I had better have good answers to her questions! :slight_smile: